When it comes to cooking for you and your significant other in your life, I believe in two things: hearty food and hearty portions.

Bear Nommage brings you recipes that delivers on both of these, while also being nutritious (…mostly), relatively simple to throw together, and reasonable on the frugality scale.

All of the recipes, unless stated otherwise, are for two – you and the cherished one you cook for – and focus on substantial and comfortable grub.

No calorie counting. No specialist equipment.

I’ve based the recipes on the food I enjoy cooking (and eating, obv’). When looking through the recipes and ‘dishpirations’ don’t be too hung up on things like quantity of herbs, seasoning or non-essential ingredients (i.e. the things that add to the dish but don’t make it) as they’re not an exact science but based on preference.

Don’t like mushrooms in your lasagne? Take them out. Think a teaspoon of tarragon is too much in a mushroom-on-toast breakfast? Halve or replace it. Please feel free to let the recipes inspire you instead, and let your own palette take the wheel. That’s part of the fun with cooking!


What started out as a bombardment of photos of my food on my humble Instagram and Facebook accounts is now this very food blog! It allows me, Charlie, to share my recipes that bring me and my husband, Paul, so much joy and satisfaction.

Me (on the left) and Paul!

He’s ultimately the main inspiration for this blog as each recipe has been tried and tested for his pleasure (I’m a bit of a feeder).

I discovered the absolute joy of feeding others quite early on. If memory serves me correctly, my first ever culinary creation was a batch of jam tarts my sister and I made with my grandma when I was about four-ish.

Then my cousins and I would make cupcakes with my other grandmother during the summer holidays.

That led onto helping out with the cooking at home during the week, my mum showing me the ropes for the household staples.

Nothing too out of the ordinary; I can imagine this is the same story a lot of foodies tell.

They may also relate with the fact that this introduction to cooking led to new, shiny, and time-absorbing things called ‘cookery programmes’. All these new spices! All these fancy ingredients (you know, like garlic)!

I was hooked.

I became so excited about food! To this day, when I’m not eating food, I’m thinking about it (sometimes thinking about my next meal while consuming my current one).

A treat for me was, and still is, eating out at a restaurant – heck, even a café – and discovering a new menu to see what concoctions they offer.

It’s a running joke with a family friend that since I was about 10 years old, when eating out I used to happily hum away to myself while preparing my section of the table, which became a sacred landing pad, in anticipation for my order to arrive. The knife and fork just so (for a leftie), the salt and pepper sachet already torn open (not to unduly delay eating time), the napkin strewn across my lap (not to impede the oncoming dish). And then lo! The meal arrives! One contented little boy.

Many thought I would go onto cookery school but I didn’t like the thought of working through the ranks in a commercial kitchen. Starting off with repetitive and tedious tasks for the first year or so made me worry I’d be put off cooking completely, a risk far too big to take.

Instead, I persisted in my cooking education with programmes, books and trial-and-burn.

As my career went in a different direction, cooking and food remained a constant.

I still practice restaurant table feng shui.

I still find every meal nigh on ritualistic.

I’m still obsessed with cooking programmes and books.

I still involuntarily read menus aloud as if it were a script for an M&S advert.

And ultimately, I still love to feed.



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